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About us...

Our goal is to meet the needs of the ever growing IT operation. We can be your IT Professionals, your IT department, fill the role of the IT Manager, desktop support specialist or strategic planning advisor and project implementer.

All our services are managed, monitored and implemented with a single thought ...uptime. Using our 9 years of experience in multinational companies, we offer the best techniques to maximize the uptime and the performance of your IT equipments. When the system is stable, it is time to look for improvements. Together with you we will find the best solutions to improve you company’s activities and to prevent IT problems.

Our services include a suite of tools and best practices that help to keep your network, servers and computers running smoothly, safely, and securely
  • Management of Servers, Computer Networks and Computers;
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring of Equipments and Server Services;
  • Proactive Maintenance and Problems Prevention;
  • Management and Implementation of Antivirus & Spam Solutions;
  • Managed Patching and Software Upgrades;
  • Backup procedures and Online Backups;
  • Client Portal – Access our monitoring and inventory system;


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