Computer Networks

The computer network provides you the connectivity between your employees and the necessary information to be productive. The correct configuration of the computer network is very important for the employees to be able to perform daily tasks on time. We can help you identify the network problems, plan and implement the infrastructure changes.
Computer Networks At the same time we can explain you how servers interact with network computers, setup DNS, DHCP, Active Directory and other services for a proper operation of the network computers.
Wireless network is an efficient tool to access data on server from conference rooms or production areas. We make sure you have a stable and secure wireless network.
Once network implementation is completed, it remains to monitor continuously the performance and to take action when a problem occurs, before it becomes a major problem for your network.
In case of equipment failure, to keep the network functional, we can replace them temporarily with other products until the problem is solved.


To increase computers performance and longevity, it is important for the operating systems to have a correct configuration and a regular maintenance.
We offer implementation, administration and maintenance services for computers (desktop, laptop, mobile, Datalogic scanners), with the following operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Mobile.
In case of any IT problem, you call us, we connect and solve the issue until you relax.*

   *On monthly basis subscriptions

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery si Business Continuity Planning in case of a disaster are two very important things for any business. What data recovery plans do you have? Many companies had to close their business because they lost all their information and data.
Not all the companies have all the necessary equipments for implementing the disaster recovery procedures or they are not aware of these equipments. We can offer you:
  • Consultancy in choosing the right equipment;
  • Creating the backup strategies;
  • Implementing the backup systems;
  • Creating the backup plans;
  • Replicating important data to our servers through secure VPN connections;

Internet Access

Internet Access

For most of the companies, Internet access is a key resource and in the same time a security risk. The incorrect use of the internet can cause major problems in a computer network, infecting all the network, servers and computers with Viruses, Trojans and Spam. To protect the business integrity, we offer solutions to monitor and restrict (totally or per user) internet access for every employee, including messenger and P2P software.
This solution helps the productivity and the business to grow.
Beside this, we offer solutions for internet fail-over. To implement this solution, the client needs to have two internet connections.
Likewise, we keep in touch with your Internet Service Provider to report service problems and to negotiate upgrades for internet connection bandwidth and prices.



We offer an automated computer-inventory solution to our clients. Every computer included in this solution is reporting the computer configuration and the installed software to our inventory system. This way we can be always up-to-date with the computer network and software inventory and we can be alerted on computer hardware changes.


All our clients benefit of our IT infrastructure monitoring system. Using our website, you can log on and see, in real-time, the status of your monitored systems. This tool is a complex system that helps us quickly identify and solve the IT infrastructure problems, before affecting the business
The equipments and server services are monitored 24/7, so we are alerted all the time in case of a problem.
We use this tool to be proactive, and to plan server upgrades before problems occur.
Monitored components on Windows Servers
Monitored components on Linux Servers - soon
Monitored components on SQL Servers
Monitored components on Exchange Servers - soon

Remote network access - VPN

A correctly planned and managed remote network access solution can increase business efficiency.
The VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections allow easy and safely access for the company’s employees to the important documents from the company’s servers, or to print a document to the office printer even if they are on the road, in a hotel, at a client or anywhere they have internet connection.

Remote server and computer network administration

Administrare calculatoare de la distanta

In our days the internet became indispensable for the companies. We use this resource to solve your computer problem faster because more than 90% of the computer or server problems can be fixed remotely. With a single click we can connect to your computer and solve your problem.
Remote administration is done through secure connections. Using this solution, problems are solved quickly.

Security Audit and data security

The goal of the security audit is to identify your computer system vulnerabilities. A security hole, internal or external, can have a negative impact on your business. Security auditors perform their duties by personal interviews, vulnerability scans, operating system settings examinations, access analyzes on shared directories. They are mostly concerned on how security policies are applied.
Some key questions asked by an IT security auditor:
  • Are passwords difficult to hack?
  • Are ACL (Access Control Lists) set on network computers and who has access to shared resources?
  • Is audit logging set for shared data?
  • Are logs revised by someone?
  • Are operating system security settings according to company’s security policies?
  • Had been uninstalled/deactivated unnecessary services and applications on each workstation?
  • Are client operating systems and applications up to date?
  • How and where are backup tapes stored? Who can access them? Is the information updated?
  • Is there a plan for data recovery in case of disaster? Was the plan tested?
  • Were there customized software created? Who tested them against security holes?
iCore can implement necessary control to eliminate these risks.


A correctly configured and secured server can make a big difference in the business performance and productivity, creating a good impact for your employees and your business. We can configure and secure your computer network and servers correctly offering you a stable network. We have a vast experience in Microsoft Windows Servers (from NT version to 2008 version) and in Linux Servers (for servers we recommend Red Hat Enterprise and Centos versions)

Windows servers are the backbone for the business market. Whether you have an outdated server or no server at all, you might have questions like: How can I buy one? Which server configuration is good for my business? We have you covered! The server purchasing is an important decision for most business owners because this equipment will be used in the next 3-6 years, so we do not recommend taking this decision alone.
After a brief discussion with you, we can recommend the server configuration that you need and we can ask for price quotations from different IT Equipment resellers, so you will have the best price. The only thing that remains for you is to make the final decision.

Once the server is implemented in your network, the next challenge is to create a monthly maintenance plan (security, update, backup) which is essential for an efficient work. Monitoring is an important part of the maintenance plan because we can make sure that your server is up and running smoothly all the time and we are automatically alerted on every performance change or problem.


Server Virtualization

Virtualization is a set of software products helped by hardware technologies incorporated into processors and motherboards. Through Virtualization, we can run multiple virtual servers on the same physical server reducing the operation and maintenance costs.
Virtual Machines are encapsulated into a few files, so it is easy to save the system state or make backup copies of a virtual server. A virtual server configured with all the necessary applications can be moved in few seconds to a new server for recovery purpose or to balance the server’s load.
Servers Virtualization/Consolidation advantages:
  • A small number of physical servers automatically reduce hardware and maintenance costs. Less physical servers mean less power used, less heat generated, less expensive cooling solutions;
  • Data-center space will be used more efficient by implementing server consolidation strategy;
  • Every important application can be installed on a virtual server, and when a problem occurs, the impact for your business is much smaller because the other application servers remain functional;
  • Microsoft and Linux servers can be installed on the same physical server;
  • In case of a failed operating system update or application update, in just a few seconds we can return to server’s previous functional state.



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