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IT Services

IT Outsourcing
We offer IT outsourcing services both for Linux server administration, Microsoft Windows Server, as well as Helpdesk for your company's employees. For servers, we offer the server monitoring service and thus we can be proactive and intervene in case of a possible problem before it becomes a problem for the smooth running of things.
Server Administration
In any IT infrastructure, servers are equipments that require professional configuration and administration/maintenance, carried out by competent specialists. Without an efficient and proactive management of the servers, running of your business may suffer, or even temporary blocked.
Employees can easily contact us through our ticketing system and they can easily report problems to us. We can remotely connect to the problematic computer (with a confirmation) and solve their problem in just a few minutes. Through secure remote connection we can solve most of the problems on employees' computers.

Other IT Services

  • Server Monitoring

    Enhance Your Operations with Effective Server Monitoring Solutions In the fast-paced digital landscape, where every second counts, ensuring the seamless performance of your servers is paramount. Server monitoring is the heartbeat of a robust IT infrastructure, providing real-time insights into the…

  • Information Technology Consulting

    Our business customers have the advantage to purchase and use the IT products, IT solutions that they really need. We help them choose the best IT equipment and IT solutions for them. We are up-to-date with the new emerging technologies and…

  • Secure Remote Connection – VPN Server

    A properly planned and managed Remote Access Solution can add value to the business. This VPN connection allows company employees to have easy and secure access to important documents on the server when they are on the road or working at…

  • Remote IT Support

    We use the internet to be able to quickly solve customer problems. More than 95% of the problems that occur on computers or servers can be solved remotely without requiring a intervention on the client site. With a simple click we…

We offer professional services

The best techniques to maximize the uptime of servers and IT equipment

Our services include a suite of tools and best practices that help us maintain servers, computers and computer networks, without problems and in complete safety.

  • Proactive maintenance and prevention of IT problems
  • Backup and Online Backup procedures
  • 24x7 server monitoring (hardware and software)

Interactive strategies

Is your data safe?

We can implement automated backup solutions for your data on the server or computer so that backups are created every few hours and your files are always safe. In the event of unpleasant events, the latest version of the files can be recovered quickly, without any data loss.

  • Management and implementation of Antivirus and AntiSPAM solutions
  • Implementation of active firewall solutions for the server
  • Domain Blacklist monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Business Continuity Planning

TOP IT solutions

  • Server purchase consultant
  • Linux Server OS Administration
  • Administration of Microsoft Windows Server OS
  • Server hardware management
  • Administration of SQL, MariaDB databases
  • Server Monitoring
  • Virtualization Server

Technical Support

  • Helpdesk - ticketing system
  • Remote interventions - remote connection
  • Quick interventions
  • Support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and LINUX
  • Computer repairs
  • Wired and Wireless network configurations

Additional services

  • Secure VPN connections
  • Data backup and Online Backup
  • File Servers
  • Internet connection monitoring
  • Internet monitoring server
  • Firewall Server
  • Email server
  • Management of internet domain and email accounts