Str. Dr. Victor Babes nr. 36
         Birou 1.10, Brasov

+4 077 426655


Why us?
Promptness, Safety, Efficiency

We evaluate and solve the IT problems reported in the shortest time possible.
With us you can be sure you have a stable IT infrastructure without unintended IT incidents.
The reported IT problems are resolved quickly and with the help of our ticketing system you can keep track of your organizations IT problems and solutions.


Who we are?
We are team who is passionate about information technology.

Using our over 9 years of experience in multinational companies and over 10 years as IT service providers, we can offer you the best techniques to maximize the uptime and the performance of your IT equipments, servers.


What we do?
We offer professional IT services.

Our services include a suite of tools and best practices for managing Linux Servers and Windows Servers, computer networks. We offer IT outsourcing to companies who want a stable and secure IT infrastructure.

Our IT Services

  • Linux Server Administration (AlmaLinux, CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.);
  • Windows Server Administration;
  • Computer network administration;
  • 24X7 Monitoring for server's hardware, server services and active network equipment;
  • Proactive maintenance of IT infrastructure and IT problem prevention;
  • Managing and deploying Antivirus, Firewall and Anti-Spam solutions;
  • Patch management and software updates;
  • Backup Processes and Online Backup ;
  • IT consulting, design and implementation of IT solutions;
  • Professional IT Helpdesk;
  • Consulting in procurement of Information Technology products;
  • IT Outsourcing and Computer Services;
  • Hardware and software maintenance of IT equipment;
  • Remote interventions for all clients and on-site interventions for Brasov clients;

About us

Our goal is to meet your IT needs in the ever growing IT industry by providing you good quality IT services. We can be your IT professionals, your IT department, complete your Information Technology department as IT Manager, simple IT specialists, or provide Informatique consultancy in planning and implementing your IT projects.