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Category Archives: Server Monitoring

Accessing the Linux Server monitoring system interface (Centos, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) you can log into our system and see in real time the hardware status of the server, the services on Linux as well as statistics, graphs of the servers and services on server.

Linux Server maintenance subscriptions also include access to our monitoring system for Linux servers. If you wish, we can offer you only Server monitoring services.

This tool is a complex system that helps us identify and solve problems on the servers before the business suffers. The hardware equipment as well as the services on the Linux server are monitored 24/7, so we are always alerted in case of a problem.

This tool helps us to be proactive and to be able to plan the necessary hardware upgrades for servers before they become a problem.

We monitor a wide range of Linux services and applications and we do not limit ourselves to the list below:

Web server - HTTP - Apache, Tomcat, Nginx;

Email server - Postfix, Sendmail, Zimbra, Qmail;

File server;

Database server - MariaDB/Mysql, Postgress;

Apache SOLR server;


Application log files;

Special Linux scripts created by us to monitor any important function/service on the server;

We also monitor the Server hardware and the status of the Linux operating system:

Hardware status of Dell, HP servers or those virtualized with VMware ESX & ESXi;

RAID status;

Usage Processor, memory;

HDD space usage;

Process status;

Linux updates;

Special Linux scripts;